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Verdure Planet cares about you, and the environment


At Verdure Planet we provide premium eco-friendly products that are affordable and instrumental in helping our environment and surrounding community. We also strive to educate the public and private sector on sustainability and how businesses can do their part to help.


We also promote a green lifestyle that encourages others to conserve energy and lessen their use of harmful materials and chemicals. Switching to an eco-friendly, sustainable lifestyle is better for your home, wallet, and most importantly the environment.


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The majority of companies want to improve the standard of living for the individual. Verdure would like to encourage others to work towards enhancing the health of our planet.


We believe in being intentional in our ways to promote longterm fulfillment in every aspect of our lives and longevity for this precious gift we call Earth.

Our Industries 

We offer premium eco-friendly products that are affordable, innovatively crafted and work to serve our environment and surrounding community.






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Issues We are Facing

Wild Forest Fires
Industrial Smoke
Tropical Storm

The issues we face today including wildfires, weather disturbances, deforestation and the earth warming at an alarming rate are the result of human activity. The failure to act today will deeply affect the future of our planet. Global warming is happening right now and its negative effects are starting to become apparent around the world. The only actual debate is over how fast and how much climate will change and what we should be doing about it.

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Event Organizing

At Verdure Planet our goal is to educate the public through our social media campaigns along with participating in community hosted events. These events will include trash pick-ups and the distribution of eco-friendly products so that we can spread the powerful message of sustainability to communities around the globe.

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A Clean Future

We all live on this planet and to take care of it is to take care of ourselves and our future. We regularly post articles how you can do your part in helping our environment.

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